RIDSTONE is a concentrated acid milkstone remover powder, designed for completely and effectively cleaning milking machines. When used regularly (twice a week) after milking, replacing the usual alkaline cleaning on these occasions, the thermoduric count is dramatically reduced due to the complete removal of scale and milkstone build-up. These deposits are not completely removed by alkaline detergents. Once a film exists, it builds-up even further by layering due to the coagulation of protein and drying out of deposits. These provide food to allow thermoduric bacteria to multiply and be released into the milk, as a plant with milkstone build-up cannot be effectively sterilised with iodophors and other sanitisers; and milkstone cannot be removed by alkaline detergents. Complete removal of milkstone thus means that the milking machine surfaces that come in contact with the milk will not be contaminated with the thermoduric organisms. Regular use of RIDSTONE is essential to control milkstone build-up.


RIDSTONE is designed for use in factory C.I.P. Systems. For the initial clean, where milkstone exists, use 60 to 120 grams of RIDSTONE per 10 litres of very hot water, and recycle at least 20 litres of the acid detergent solution through each set of teat cups. Collect at the releaser and recycle through each set in turn. After this has been completed, brush all surfaces, copiously flush with hot water and allow plant to dry.

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