OZO is a white non-dusting free flowing powdered product.

As OZO contains no harsh abrasives it cannot harm either plasticware, crockery, glassware, cutlery or urns.

OZO effectively soaks away stains and dried food residues in a simple one step action.


OZO has been formulated to quickly and effectively remove stains and discolouration from plasticware and chinaware in a single soak. It is completely harmless to dishware and is easy to use.

• Rapid removal of tea and coffee stains as, only a short soak in OZO ensures a clean perfect finish on crockery, plasticware, glassware, cutlery or urns.
• Rapid removal of dried-on food residues.
• Economy in use as only small quantities of OZO give a highly effective solution to quickly soak away stains.
• Safety in use as OZO contains no harsh abrasives to cause damage to plasticware.

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Weight 5 kg

2 kg, 5 kg


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