VICTOR is a floor polish sealer based upon new high performance materials with innovative polymer technology. VICTOR is recommended for sealing of vinyl, lino, rubber, cork, timber and all other floor surfaces where an easily maintained high gloss surface is required.



Apply two to three coats of VICTOR onto vinyl floor tiles for a superior gloss finish. Application can be either by conventional or spray buff method. VICTOR will produce a far longer gloss retention than polishes made with conventional polymers. Victor provides excellent black heel and scuff resistance

• Achievement of “wet look” gloss.
• Ability to use low and high speed spray buffing
• Decreased labour and equipment costs for end users through a less frequent need to buff, burnish and recoat; and a reduction in the number of floor stripping operations.
• Low ammonia odour.
• Excellent recoatability.
• Low sensitivity to humidity during application.
• Unsurpassed repairability.
• Black heel mark wipeability.
• Very good resistance to powdering and dusting.
• Low tack free time.

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Weight 5 kg

20ltr, 5 ltr


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