PEARL is a white creamy lotion with a pleasant floral fragrance. It combines mild detergents with unique moisturising and conditioning agents.



PEARL has been designed as an “all over” body wash, shampoo and hand cleaner. PEARL is suitable for all amenities such as toilets, change rooms and showers, as well as retail outlets such as hair dressing salons. PEARL can also be applied through most liquid soap dispensers.

♦ Contains moisturising agents – prevents skin and hair form becoming dry and brittle, while leaving a luxurious “after feel”
♦ Incorporates a unique floral perfume which leaves a fresh residual fragrant to the skin and hair
♦ Available in white or pink
♦ Phosphate Free formulation
♦ Fully biodegradable

♦ Product registered under Accord’s Recognised Environmental Credentials Scheme”

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

20ltr, 5 ltr


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