GENTLE is a tan coloured liquid with a pleasant eucalyptus fragrance. GENTLE produces outstanding detergency due to its highly efficient surfactant system and its soil suspension system.


GENTLE was developed to be used in the washing of delicate fibres such as wool as well as synthetic fabrics and cotton blends. GENTLE is approved by the Australian Wool Corporation for laundering garments with the Wool Blend logo.

• Approved by the Australian Wool Corporation.
• Specially formulated for the washing of all woollen articles including blankets and jumpers.
• Safe on all woollen fabrics as well as synthetic/cotton blends and drip-dry garments.
• Pleasantly perfumed to leave washed articles with a clean fresh eucalyptus fragrance.
• Highly concentrated and economical in use.
• Outstanding detergency properties with a balanced pH.

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Weight 5 kg

5 ltr


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