ENVIROCLEAN is a bright yellow liquid combining a heavy duty detergent system with a powerful disinfectant and natural citrus solvents. ENVIROCLEAN cleans and sanitisers all surfaces and is safe on all metals including aluminium. ENVIROCLEAN removes a wide range of soils including fats, greases, carbon and other industrial soils, safely and quickly.


ENVIROCLEAN can be used on a wide range of applications and include the following:
1. Floors – For the mopping of kitchen floors to remove greasy food soils and associated grime.
2. Bathrooms – For the removal of body fat and soap scale build up.
3. Spray ‘N’ Wipe applications – effectively cleans to a streak free and antibacterial finish.
♦ One Stop Process

♦ Cleans, sanitiser and deodoriser in one action.

♦ Contains corrosion inhibitors

♦ Safe on all surfaces to be cleaned. for sensitive metals.

♦ Heavy duty cleaning action

♦ Will clean effectively in heavily soiled conditions.

♦ Contains a high level of quat sanitiser

♦ Sanitises at economical dose rates.

♦ Contains natural citrus solvents

♦ Assist in removal of fatty, greasy soils and impart a fresh fragrance.
♦ Phosphate Free formulation

♦ Product registered under Accord’s

♦ Fully biodegradable “Recognised – Environmental Credentials Scheme”

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

15 ltr, 5 ltr, 750ml


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