DAWN Liquid is a low foaming acid dairy detergent formulated for use in third line or recirculated systems.

DAWN Liquid contains a unique blend of liquid acids and low foaming wetting agents to assist with cleaning and suspension of soils.


DAWN is used each morning after milking and is a companion product to DUSK which is used each evening after milking. Supervised farm trials carried out in hard water areas have shown that the DAWN/ DUSK system is the answer to maintaining Total Plate Counts (TPC) to less than 25,000.

• Low Foaming
• Free rinsing.
• DAWN has been evaluated by the National Registration Authority and found to comply with Australian Standard AS1389.
• Excellent penetration action to prevent redeposition occurring.
• Highly concentrated for economy in use.
• Inbuilt sanitiser.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

120 ltr, 200 ltr, 20ltr


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