BRITE WHEELS is a concentrated blend of oxalic acid and degreasing agents combined with a pleasant citrus fragrance to effectively remove brake dust as well as grease and oil in one simple operation.



BRITE WHEELS will remove brake dust and other associated soils for all types of transport including trains, busses and cars. It is safe on all metals and will not attack sensitive metals such as magnesium or aluminium as well as any glass or painted surfaces. BRITE WHEELS contains a high level of detergency which effectively allows it to remove all grease and oil which is impregnated throughout the brake dust in a “one- shot” operation

* Concentrated liquid – ensures economical dose rates can be achieved as well as automatic dispensing.
* Contains no corrosive acids – safe on all metals, glass and painted surfaces. Also ensures maximum safety to the operator.
* Removes brake dust, grease and oil in one operation.
* Eliminates the requirement for an initial degreasing stage.
* Contains a pleasant citrus fragrance to mask any unpleasant acidic odours.

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Weight 5 kg

20ltr, 5 ltr


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