TASGENE represents a disinfectant that will:
1. Reduce the number of pathogenic organisms to such a level that they are no longer able to initiate an infection.
2. Meets the N.S.W. Health Department Standards proposed in the Therapeutic Goods Act.
3. Kills gram positive and gram negative bacteria by the agency of Q.A.C. bactericides.
4. Deodorize disinfected surfaces by the agency of it’s unique residual Boronia Fern fragrance.
5. Meets “environmentally friendly” requirements of being a completely phosphate free product as well as being fully biodegradable.

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TASGENE is formulated for use under a broad spectrum of conditions. It is important to assess the environment to be cleaned to ensure optimum cost effective performance from the product. Clean conditions. A dilution rate of 1:100 will effectively sanitise and deodorise surfaces. TASGENE solutions provide best cleaning and deodorising properties when prepared in warm to hot water. Dirty conditions. A dilution of between 1:75 and 1:40, dependant on the level of soil is guaranteed to produce sanitised, clean and deodorised surfaces. Again, warm to hot water is preferred for dilutions.

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