PROXITANE is a water clear, colourless liquid comprising an equilibrium mixture of peracetic acid, water, acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide.


Peracetic Acid, the active compound in PROXITANE, is amongst the most powerful biocides known to man. It is effective against a wide spectrum of microbiological contaminants including aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and their spores; yeasts, moulds, fungi and their spores, and viruses. It is extremely rapid in its action even at ambient temperatures.

PROXITANE is used as a biocide to sanitise degreased and pre-cleaned processing, transfer and storage plant in stainless steel or glass. It can be used on floors, walls and in the atmosphere. In breweries and wineries it finds application in the fermentation/brewhouses, the clarification/filtration plant and the tank farms/bottling cellars during regular plant cleaning.

PROXITANE is low foaming and ideal for use in “Clean in Place” systems.

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