KRYSTAL KLEER is a concentrated blend of heavy detergents and specialty solvents combined with water softeners and scale inhibitors to provide maximum cleaning efficiency in all types of glass washing machines


KRYSTAL KLEER was developed specifically for the cleaning of glassware through automatic glasswashing machines but is also suitable for manual handwashing applications. KRYSTAL KLEER effectively removes all soils especially difficult to remove stains such as lipstick and orange juice.

• Highly concentrated liquid Ensures economical dose rates.
• Contains water softeners Effective even in very hard water.
• Extremely free rinsing Leaves glassware spot free.
• Contains scale inhibitors Prevents scale build up in machine.
• Low Odour No unpleasant odoursduring wash cycle.
• Removes all stains in wash cycle No need for pre-soaking.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

5 ltr


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