EXTRACTOKLEEN is a low foaming liquid detergent specifically formulated for use with carpet extraction equipment. EXTRACTOKLEEN is also suitable for use as a pre sprayer or spotting agent in the steam cleaning of carpets.



 Inbuilt defoamer
 Carpet deodoriser
 Cologne deodorant
 Excellent cleaning system
 Safe to use on all types of carpets as it has a neutral pH

Dilute 1 to 50 in warm water and use through a steam cleaning machine. For pre spraying of carpets use EXTRACTOKLEEN at the dilution rate of 1 part to 30 parts of warm water. For problem stains a mixture of 1 part EXTRACTOKLEEN to 10 parts of water can be used as a spotting agent.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg

20ltr, 5 ltr


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