BOWLINE is a highly concentrated citrus based all natural acid based cleaner for use as a cleaner and scale remover in bathrooms and toilets. BOWLINE is formulated on safe organic acids and non- ionic surfactants, a combination that has proven to be the least corrosive to all metal yet gives excellent performance.


BOWLINE is a clear aqua blue liquid with a pleasant lavender fragrance and is used as an “All Over Wash Room Cleaner “. BOWLINE can be used safely on a wide variety of surfaces including stainless steel and porcelain toilet bowls,urinals and stone benchtops. BOWLINE incorporates a blend of “natural” organic acids and wetting agents combined with a specially formulated thixotropic agent. The acidic detergency provides a rapid penetration and dissolution of lime scale deposits, uric acid deposits and stains, whilst the thixotropic characteristics ensure that the thickened liquid has an extended contact time by “sticking” to all vertical surfaces. The regular use of BOWLINE controls uric acid deposits and brightens stainless steel and porcelain surfaces. Excellent aquatic toxicity

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Weight 5 kg

1 ltr, 15 ltr, 5 ltr


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