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Laundry Products


BLUEWASH POWDER: NEW! A powdered laundry detergent that is suitable for Grey Water use, septic safe and effective in hot or cold water. It is also suitable for Front and Top Loader and it contains a floral fragrance to leave clothes smelling fresh and clean. It is also fully biodegradable and it contains no fillers. It has an antibacterial formula, enzyme enriched and it contains optical brighteners. It complies with the Agreed Phosphorous standardMSDS   PIS

BLUEWASH LIQUID: A laundry detergent that contains a floral fragrance to leave clothes smelling fresh. It effectively removes common stains on all fabric and is suitable for hot or cold water washing. MSDS   PIS

BOOST: A liquid laundry alkali builder used for the removal of grease, fat and oil from soiled garments in a laundering situation. MSDS   PIS

CHLORTEX: A soluble powdered laundry bleach containing 20% available chlorine. It is non-dusting and does not contain the acid chlorine compound, which leaves a strong odour. Use at 60�C for best results. MSDS  PIS

EDGE: A clear blue liquid with a pleasant floral fragrance which has been specifically formulated for use as a laundry liquid in an industrial situation. Edge should be used in conjunction with Boost for laundering of heavily soiled garments. MSDS  PIS

EMULSIFIER: A liquid emulsifying agent that, when used in conjunction with an alkali removes heavily embedded soils such as grease, oils, and fats from synthetic cotton blends and pure cotton. MSDS  PIS

ERA: A doubly concentrated detergent powder formulation for use in hot and cold water. MSDS  PIS

FABCON: Softens fabrics and eliminates static charge.  Leaves fabric fragrantly fresh, easy to iron and wrinkle-free. MSDS  PIS

GENTLE: A tan coloured liquid with a pleasant eucalyptus fragrance. Developed to be used in the washing of delicate fibres such as wool as well as synthetic fabrics and cotton blends. Suitable for both hand and machine washing. MSDS  PIS

HYDROGEN PEROXIDE 50% TECH: Oxygen based laundry bleach. MSDS  PIS

LASER: Concentrated laundry powder combining both effective cleaning and safe bleaching in the one operation. Imparts a fresh lemon fragrance. MSDS  PIS

PPX BLEND: Used for laundering of polyester/cotton material. Can also be used in hard or soft water. MSDS    PIS

SAFETY BLEACH: Powder oxygen bleach suitable for all colour classifications. Safe to use on all fabric types with minimal handling hazards. MSDS    PIS

SCOPE: A caustic based heavy duty detergent for use on heavy soiled work. Most suitable for laundering machine overalls, abattoir linen and wiper rags. MSDS    PIS

SODIUM HYOCHLORITE: Liquid chlorine bleach containing 12.5% of available chlorine.  MSDS    PIS

SOURLITE: A liquid neutralising sour for use in the final rinse  to remove residual alkali.  MSDS    PIS

SOURSOFT: An opaque blue liquid with a pleasant floral fragrance combining both softening and souring functions for your laundry in one application.  MSDS    PIS

STAIN AWAY PRE SOAK: A nappy whitener and sanitiser. MSDS  PIS

STAIN AWAY PRE SPRAY: is a pale yellow liquid with a pleasant eucalyptus fragrance. It combines a blend of protease enzymes, surfactants, emulsifiers and specialty solvents to produce a heavy duty spotter. MSDS   PIS

Sani Kleen: is a free flowing white powder with a blend of surfactants, sequesterants and oxygen donating bleaching agents. It has a powerful sanitizing action. MSDS   PIS